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Kingsbury Financial Management, Inc. is a Registered Investment Adviser providing products and services to the professional trading and investment community. Over the last fifteen years, we have provided decision support services to professional trading firms worldwide with our unique and proprietary trading tool, TradeScanTM, which provides real-time, interpretive stock market analytics. This experience has uniquely positioned ourselves to be able to offer unparalled services to quantitative trading firms in the creation, development and troubleshooting of algorithmic trading strategies.


Our principal, Bill Kingsbury, started actively trading electronically in 1994, using the rapid style electronic execution systems originally referred to as SOES trading. He was one of the original eighteen "SOES Bandits", a term coined by the media to reflect the start of the revolution for retail traders to be able to compete with the larger firms on Wall Street. He began trading in a small back room with DOS-based level II software, with monochrome screens where only one stock at a time could be displayed. Managing multiple positions was quite a challenge! After making a "stick" profit (one point) on his very first trade, he was given the nickname "StickMan" by one of the brokers.

As more and more people began to trade using these systems, he could see the need to stay ahead of the "pack", so to speak. He began to look for ways to move away from the stampede of new traders who always seemed to start their careers trading Intel, Microsoft, Cisco Systems- well, you know the list! His search led him to software development, where he could use his years of programming experience to take his trading to the next level. In 1996, he began developing real-time computer models, from scratch, that mimicked strategies of the early days, when he had to rely on the "feel" of certain indicators, tickers and trading patterns to get a leg up in the market.  This initiated a two year trial and error development period and TradeScanTM was born! He has traded with it ever since and would never again consider trading without it.

Decision Support Services

Eventually, the demand from traders that had seen the benefits of TradeScan led to the formation of KFMI and the subsequent distribution of the alerts to proprietary trading firms and hedge funds worldwide. Bill began providing value added services of programming, refining and troubleshooting trading strategies brought to him by these firms and would deliver the corresponding alerts directly to proprietary trading groups on the firms' trading floors.

Consulting Services

We recently made the decision to suspend the distribution of alerts to be able to better focus our attention and resources on algorithmic trading systems and the development of quantitative trading endeavors.

We hope you will contact us if we can be of any assistance to you in these areas.


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