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The Trader's Paradise website is intended to provide a resource to professional day traders for informational purposes only, not for investment advice. The materials and information provided by this site should not be construed as an offer to buy or sell any of the securities named either in the chat room or anywhere else in this site.

Pursuant to the Investment Advisers Act of 1940, it should not be assumed that recommendations made in the future will be profitable or will equal the performance of the securities in the examples. Postings on the Trader's Paradise website or in the chat room are not to be used for investment decisions including, but not limited to, the trading of stocks on a short term basis, but rather as a starting point for each user's independent research and interpretation. Users are solely responsible for making their own investment decisions.

Limitations and Difficulties with respect to use: It is understood that the traders executing the trades posted on the website have advanced levels of training and experience in this profession and are using state of the art execution and informational software of which many users may not have the benefit.

Throughout this website, a clear distinction is made between "TRADES" and "CALLS".

"TRADES" are actual transactions executed by experienced professional traders using trading signals provided by propriety software parameters developed by Kingsbury Financial Management, Inc. and are not meant to represent that these results can be duplicated by the user.

"CALLS" are informational only, using trading signals produced by this software or any other informational media which may or may not have actually been traded and, therefore, can not be construed as being able to be duplicated by the user or any other professional trader.

The authors of Trader's Paradise in no way warrant that you, the user, or any other trader can or will gain any financial benefit from the information contained herein and may, in fact, lose money. It is understood that all actions taken by you, the user, are your sole responsibility.

Conflict of Interest:Kingsbury Financial Management, Inc. and it's officers may, from time to time, engage in securities transactions that coincide with the stock alerts produced by TradeScanTM. Because TradeScanTM stock alerts are automatically generated, Kingsbury Financial Management, Inc. and it's officers can not have knowledge of the user's particular securities transactions that are occurring at any given time as a result of the alerts and, therefore, may create a conflict of interest situation with you, the user.

By your presence at this website, you, the user, agree to hold harmless the authors of and participants in the Trader's ParadiseTM website and chat room from any and all monetary losses or any other damages resulting from information contained or provided herein.

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