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Choosing an Alert Provider

The value of a trading alert package rests solely in it's content and the ability to deliver that content in a timely manner. The amount of added profitability you make versus the cost of the tool determines it's value. In evaluating trading tools, I would encourage you to ask a few questions:

  • Who programs the trading alerts? Are the alerts created by a successful trader with a professional programming background?
  • Are they continually updating these alerts for changing market conditions?
  • Can they explain the basis of the alerts so that you understand it?
  • How many years have other traders been successful with these alerts?
  • Is the data network and distribution integrity monitored during market hours by staff?

If these answers are not all 100% convincing, then I would suggest that it may not be your best investment. Look at price, not in absolute terms, but relative to your enhanced profitability. If you are an active trader, you owe it to yourself to have the best.

Happy Trading!


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